5 Netflix Shows and Movies I’ve Watched Recently

Today I’m sharing some Netflix shows & movies that I’ve watched recently and loved!!!

1. Always Be My Maybe

The cutest love story and movie!! I’m a sucker for a good romance film and absolutely loved this one. The movie is all about Sasha and Marcus, childhood crushes who reconnect after living separate lives for many years.

2. Dead to Me

SUCH A GOOD SHOW!!! I’m embarrassed to admit how quickly I watched this show. It’s all about the friendship between a women who recently lost her husband due to a hit-and-run and a women who she met at a grief counseling meeting. There are a ton of surprises and suspenseful moments that make it so good!!

3. The Society

The Society is all about the Senior Class at a High School in a small town who came back from a school trip to find that their family and everyone in their town was gone. The group has to learn how to survive without parents or connection to the outside world! I highly recommend it and can’t wait for the next season.

4. The Imposters

When I first heard about the plot of The Imposters I wasn’t sold on it, but I became hooked the second I started. The show is all about a guy who’s wife suddenly disappeared with all of his money. He then goes on to find out that she had done it to many other people and was stealing money for years. The show follows the “chase” to find this women and get his money *and his love?* back.

5. The Perfect Date

Any movie with Noah Centineo in it, I’ll watch! I loved To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (and can’t wait for the next one), Sierra Burgess is a Liar, and most recently The Perfect Date. It’s a fun Friday night film that’s perfect to watch with your girlfriends or when you’re procrastinating your homework <which is me most nights>.

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