5 Ways to Spend A Summer Day

Hi friends! I hope you’ve been having a great summer so far!! I am settling into life in Charleston and have been soaking up the summer days. My apartment has a swimming pool and it has been so nice to get to swim in the 95+ degree weather! ┬áToday I’m sharing 5 ways to spend a summer day.

5 Ways to Spend a Summer Day

1. Water Activities

I love spending time in the water. If you live near a lake or the ocean, look into kayak/rowboat rentals and spend an afternoon enjoying the water! I also love boating in the summer, so if you have a boat or have a friend with a boat…that’s another great way to stay cool and spend your day in the sun. In Lake Union (located in Seattle) they have a hot-tub boat company that I have been dying to go on and will hopefully try out when I’m visiting in a few weeks.

2. Make Some Summer Treats

When I think of summer one of the first things that comes to my mind is DESSERT! I love treating myself in the summer to sorbets, gelatos, popsicles, and more. I found some Pinterest recipes that would be perfect for summer and you can find those here: Strawberry Crisp, Pink Lemonade Pie, 3-Ingredient Strawberry Sorbet.

3. Summer-Specific Activities In Your City

Summer has so many perfect activities to offer! From sunflower fields, cherry picking, strawberry picking, lavender fields, & more…there are so many different places that each State has to offer. Research the area you live in and find an activity that is exclusive to summertime!

5 Ways to Spend a Summer Day

4. Outdoor Movie Night

Grab some friends and plan an outdoor movie night! Find a spot and set up a projector and some blankets/pillows. If you have a pool it would be so fun to grab some floaties and swim while the movie is projecting on the side of your house. Don’t forget your favorite rom-com and some snacks!!

5. Host a ‘summertime soiree’ with friends

Summertime is always a great time to get together with your girlfriends and have a fun dinner party! I love hosting get-togethers and seeing friends from High School that I rarely see anymore. I always love putting together a charcuterie board and some fruit, ordering a pizza & calling it good! Invite all of your friends to dress up and make sure to take lots of photos!!


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