5 Ways to Spend Your 21st Birthday

I turned 21 last week and spent my actual birthday wine tasting in Woodinville Wine Country and going out to dinner! On Saturday I hosted a lunch at Willmott’s Ghost – the cutest lunch spot in downtown Seattle. A few months ago I started thinking about what to do for my birthday and had the hardest time deciding, so I wanted to make it easier on any of you with birthdays (especially 21!) coming up and make a list with some ideas!!

5 ways to spend your 21st birthday

Wine Tasting

I went wine tasting with my mom on my actual birthday and had so much fun! I’m not the type of person to spend my 21st birthday at a club, so this was the perfect way to spend my day. If you live in/near Seattle, Woodinville has tons of beautiful wineries. We went to Cheateau St Michelle!

5 ways to spend your 21st birthday 5 ways to spend your 21st birthday


Pick out a cute outfit and grab a bottle of champagne and take some adorable *Insta worthy* photos! There are tons of inspiration photos on Pinterest.

Weekend Getaway to Napa

If you are able to travel for your birthday, a weekend away in Napa (or somewhere else) would be so much fun. I’ve always wanted to go to Napa and now that I’m 21 I would love to plan a trip there.

5 ways to spend your 21st birthday 5 ways to spend your 21st birthday

Spa Day

Nothing says *happy birthday to me* like treating yourself to a massage and a mani-pedi! I love a good spa day and am always looking for a reason to relax. If you’re in Seattle, I love Penelope and The Beauty Bar and Still Spa in Kirkland.

5 ways to spend your 21st birthday5 ways to spend your 21st birthday

Paint & Sip

I have wanted to take a Paint & Sip class for a while now and can’t wait to take one now that I’m 21. This is the class I’m hoping to schedule soon: CANVAS.

5 ways to spend your 21st birthday

I hope you have a great birthday!


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