Dorm Survival Tips with Pottery Barn Dorm

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to be sharing my dorm survival tips, as well as the cutest dorm accessories I received from Pottery Barn Dorm.

I personally believe that dorm rooms are much more than a place to sleep and study in. By picking bedding (and other dorm necessities) that are in your favorite colors and complement your personality, you will feel more at home and your new friends will get a better idea of who you are. 

Throughout this post I’m sharing some photos of a dorm room that I recently decorated with my new Pottery Barn Dorm pieces! Pottery Barn Dorm truly has everything you need to decorate your dorm room. I felt so at ease when decorating because the items were all great quality and brought the room to life.

*dorm survival tip! Less is more! Dorms can get cluttered easily with books, snacks, and more. Try not to bring every knick knack and random item from home when moving into your dorm!*

Dorm Survival Tips with Pottery Barn Dorm

I’m so happy with the bedding I picked out! The blush duvet sets the tone and color palette for the entire room, and the cozy pom throw is so comfy! I also love the Essential Loungearound Pillow and truly believe it’s a necessity for dorms.

My Bedding Items

* dorm survival tip! Make your bed every morning! I started this habit as a Freshman and it helped me feel more put-together. It also motivated me to get out of bed and study or go see friends. *

Dorm Survival Tips with Pottery Barn Dorm

Desk space is limited so it’s important to have file folders and pieces to help you organize your papers! The marble & gold ones I found from Pottery Barn Dorm fit my style perfectly and keep me organized. I also love this desk lamp – It’s the perfect size.

My Desk Accessories

Dorm Survival Tips with Pottery Barn Dorm

I absolutely loved picking out beauty accessories! I love getting ready each morning, however it can take a while. Finding tools to make that process quick and easy is crucial! Thanks to Pottery Barn Dorm’s jewelry storage & beauty organizer section, this just got a lot easier. This Light Up Beauty Mirror is quickly becoming one of my favorite items. Not only is it perfect for doing my hair & makeup, but it’s also so cute.

My Beauty Accessory


Dorm Survival Tips with Pottery Barn Dorm

As I talked about earlier, decorating your dorm room gives you a great opportunity to showcase your personality. This lightbox is the perfect size for a dorm room & allows you to be creative with your messages!

Decorative Items

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Thank you so much to Pottery Barn Dorm for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own!

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  1. This is so handy! I remember when I was in college and trying to get my dorm ready… so hectic! This is super helpful for any college student.