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Hello 2019! The start of the new year is always exciting and full of anticipation for me. This year, more than others – I will get into the details of that in a little bit :). By the end of the year I am always feeling a little bit drained and nostalgic, so a new year is always a perfect excuse to regain my motivation and start the year out strong! In today’s post I will be sharing some goals for the year as well as a new change that will be completely changing my life!

Goal #1

Become healthier! As cliche as this goal is, I really want to start eating healthier and started working out more. I am going to be starting the BBG workout and am feeling optimistic! I definitely will still eat Shake Shack and all of my favorite foods, but in moderation :).

Goal #2

Travel more! I traveled quite a bit in 2018, but this year I hope to travel to more places that I’ve never been. While I do love Charleston, NYC, and Hawaii, I want to branch out more and visit some other places! So far on my list I am hoping to go to Japan, Nashville, and a few countries in Europe! I will be going to Georgia in August and am so excited, as I have never been before!

Goal #3

Minimize clutter! I have been trying to go through my closet and get rid of stuff but it never feels like I’ve done enough! This year I hope to get organized and get rid of things I truly don’t need.  

My Exciting New Announcement /

To be completely honest I never thought I would be writing this! While I have never felt like I fit in at my current University, I have never felt that I would leave it either. After going to Parsons and Manhattan College (read about my college journey here) I felt exhausted and just ready to graduate from Northwest whether I liked it or not. That was until I found out about Northwest’s online program. I instantly applied, and got in! Basically..I will be taking all of my classes online, yet will still receive a Business degree and will still get to walk at graduation in May 2020. I am SO excited! Switching to this program gives me a lot more time to travel and work on my blog, but I won’t be sacrificing a degree. Getting my degree is very important to me (and to my family) so I am thrilled that I will still be receiving it, but can’t wait to do so from home/around the world!

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  1. Congratulations on finding a way to make your degree work for you! That is so exciting that youll be doing online classes and have the ability to control your schedule better. you got this girl! <3