I Moved to Charleston!

Hello friends & happy Friday!! I’m so excited to announce that I’m currently sitting in my new apartment…in Charleston, South Carolina!

I visited Charleston for the first time about 2.5 years ago and absolutely fell in love with everything about the city. A few months ago I flew out and toured the cutest apartment! After thinking about it for a few months I finally went for it and decided to sign the lease. I can’t wait for this new adventure!!!

I Moved to Charleston

Why Am I Moving!?

When I was in middle school I fell in love with the idea of one day moving to The South and have always felt that I would love it there. When I visited, I knew my intuition was right and I immediately started looking for ways to visit more. Last summer I booked an AirBnB for one month in downtown Charleston and was so sad to leave when the month was up. I’m in online school and have the freedom to do my school-work from anywhere & everywhere. Because of this, I didn’t feel tied down to Washington and wanted to experience living here. It’s also extremely beautiful and is a very Instagrammable city, which is perfect for blogging!

How Long Will You Live in Charleston for!?

I’m going to be renting my furniture in Charleston for 3 months and keeping all of my furniture in Seattle until September. At that point I will decide if I want to move all of my furniture down here, or go back to Seattle! I am still so young and want to keep my options open, so I’m so thankful to be able to rent furniture here while I am testing the waters.

I’m thrilled to be back in the city that inspires me and that I truly love!! I will be sharing lots of apartment photos over on my Instagram & my Instagram stories, so stay tuned for those!

Thanks for reading!
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