Life Lately

Hi friends! I love sharing my traveling and outfits with you all, and wanted to share a few fun facts about life lately and what’s been going on!! If you have time, share a fun fact about yourself in the comments below!


Online school is going great! I love deciding when to do my work and being able to travel. Having a degree is important to me, but I struggled at my University and love the flexibility and freedom that I have at online school. 

2. 21st BIRTHDAY

I will be leaving town for my 21st birthday and am so excited! It seems so weird to be turning 21. I remember that seeming like “so old” but now a lot of my friends (especially blogger friends) are older than me and I feel so young! I’m honestly most excited to be able to check into hotels easier…a lot of the ones I love are 21+!

Life Lately


I have been loving Siesta Key, Greys Anatomy, and This is Us lately. I’m also excited for Jane The Virgin to come back (tonight!!) and Keeping Up With The Kardashians on Sunday. Give me all the trashy reality TV!


Chick Fil A has been my weakness lately! It’s right across the street from the gym I go too, which is sooo dangerous. I didn’t let myself go after my workout today but Im definitely regretting it and still craving those waffle fries!!

5. Shopping

I’ve been obsessed with Red Dress Boutique and Pink Lilly Boutique lately! Both of them have so many adorable spring and summer dresses right now, and I’m getting super excited for warm weather. I definitely suffer from seasonal depression and winters in Seattle can suck!

A few blog posts I’ve been loving lately – 

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Thank you for reading!! Have a lovely day!

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