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Anabelle Kristine is a destination for young women who love all things fashion, beauty, and travel. I hope that this blog inspires you to add more dresses to your wardrobe and more color to your life!

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Hello! I’m Anabelle!! I started this blog in December 2016 as a way to share my outfits and adventures while living in New York City. I recently moved from Seattle, Washington to Charleston, South Carolina and love exploring the beautiful streets of Charleston while wearing a pretty sundress.

Why did you decide to start Anabelle Kristine?

As previously mentioned, I lived in New York City in 2016/2017. Living in NYC was unforgettable! For the first few months of my time there, I attended Parsons The New School for Design. Upon transferring to Manhattan College, I realized that I still wanted fashion to be apart of my life, even though I was leaving fashion school. On top of this – I had wanted to start a blog for so long! I have found so much inspiration from my favorite bloggers (Amber, Julia, and Stephanie) and decided I wanted to join in on the fun. I have always been a huge advocate for dressing up, and wanted to share this love with others. Blogging has been the most exciting journey so far and I have absolutely loved it!

Besides blogging, what are you doing?

I’m currently about to graduate from Northwest University. Northwest U is located in Kirkland, Washington, but upon moving to Charleston I transferred to their online program.

What are your favorite stores?

My top three favorite stores are Nordstrom, Revolve, and Red Dress Boutique. I have loved them for years!

What camera do you use & who shoots your photos?

I use a Canon 5d Mark III and for lenses I have a Canon 24-70 and a Canon 85 mm. I started out with the Canon t6i and highly recommend that camera for anyone starting out and wanting to learn the ropes to photography. I have spent endless nights watching YouTube tutorials and reading articles and finally feel that I understand my camera! When I’m not working with local photographers, I typically just adjust the settings on my camera and hand it off to a friend and ask them to take my photos!

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