Spring in Charleston & Life Update

Spring in Charleston is officially here! The weather is so beautiful and the flowers are blooming everywhere. This is my first spring in Charleston and it’s safe to say I’m remembering the reason I moved here. The warm weather puts me in the best mood and I love spending time outside everyday!

spring flower truck spring flower truck

I got my wisdom teeth out about a week and a half ago (yes I got some hilarious videos, not sure if they are safe for the internet to see 😂) and am finally back to eating normal food. I’ve never craved Chick-Fil-A & pizza so much in my life & didn’t think it was possible to get sick of ice cream and milkshakes. After spending basically a week inside recovering from my surgery I was so happy to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, but coronavirus had other plans.. 😂

I’ve been laying low and hoping that the virus stops spreading and goes away soon (and that my college graduation doesn’t get cancelled!). Sending prayers to everyone affected!! Feel free to send me all of your Netflix recommendations because I pretty much watched everything while recovering (Locke & Key and The Stranger are both so good) and need something to watch while social distancing.

Spring in Charleston

A few weeks ago Kelsey and I stopped by this adorable flower truck (details on where to find Jessamine’s Flower Truck here) and took some photos before getting some pizza at one of my fave spots (Coastal Crust – so good!!) with my best friend visiting from Seattle! You can find all of my outfit details here or below.

spring in charleston

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